Ride to work week


Ride to work week


Many people are blind to the long list of benefits that are attached to commuting on motorcycles & scooters – Here are just a few to whet your appetite!

Save 1,708 hours

The average commuter in Britain will spend nearly 2 and a half months, or 1,708 hours at a standstill in traffic over the course of their lifetime.

Travel for 1 pence per mile

Small scooters have excellent fuel consumption. Many new scooters do between 120 and 150mpg. Electric motorcycles cost just 1p per mile to power. Great news for your wallet!

Have more fun

You’ll have more fun on a motorcycle than you will on any other mode of transport. Choose the scenic route, look forward to Monday mornings and put a smile on your face every day!

Easy parking ahead

Motorcyclists benefit from fitting into smaller spaces which means more places to park and they’re easier to find. Parking is also often free for bikes!

Skip the queues

No need for short cuts; motorcycles and scooters can, where it’s safe to do so, filter through queues of traffic and use bus lanes. No more unexpected jams mean consistent journey times!

Please join us in celebrating ‘Ride to work week’ at Bowker Harley-Davidson on Friday 24th June between 8am-9am, en route to work to enjoy breakfast!